What the heck is it?

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Do you think Shiwen Ye doped?

Well, of course you could say it’s not impossible, although the tests have shown that she is innocent, at least temporarily, if you insist. After all, no one has better ways to prove his or her innocence, given the fact that we all have forgotten the presumption of innocence in this case.

Put this argument aside, I am just wondering where we got the impression that she doped. Is it the article we read which says she is faster,  in the final 50 meters of a total 400 meters IM, than Lochte, the world’s second fastest player in the same event? The conclusion that she is faster than men seems impossible, and hence she must have doped, according to this author. I am not surprised if you are talked into this idea. But have you had any question marks in mind? Have you done any research to confirm that this assumption is true or not?

Anyway, some simple questions to provide. In the final 50 meters, 1) is Lochte the fastest male player or is this his best performance ? 2) is Ye faster than all male players? 3) is Ye the fastest female? 4) is there any other female players who once swam faster in the past than Lochte or other male players did this time?

I bet you could find the answers without any trouble, if you want to. The answers are Lochte isn’t the fastest or didn’t do his best this time, and Ye is slower than some other male players, and some other female player(s) swam faster than Ye and Lochte did in this Olympic. And of course, I am talking about the performance in the final 50 meters, not the entire competition.

So what does it mean? Does it mean the other female player must have doped, too?

If you say no, then I don’t understand what it is, racialism or discrimination? If she could do it, then  why couldn’t Ye?

If you say yes, well, sure, they swam faster than Lochte did this time. In fact, they swim than most, let’s say 95% and I don’t think I am exaggerating, of men in the world in most time. But that’s why they must have doped? Come on, what the heck is the sense and logic here?

Are we really using our brain and thinking? I suspect.

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