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Hooray! Look how far I have made it!

I felt some irregular, painless contractions in the last 2~3 days, but have seen no bloody show, no mucus plug. I thought that I am definitely going to pass the due date until the doctor checked the cervix and found that I had already been 4cm dilated. That’s very good compared to a lot of women who suffer great pain but only 1cm or 2cm dilated.

I am very lucky to have a very peaceful and quite comfortable pregnancy, of course except the scary spotting in the 1st trimester. I kept my routine work and study until 38weeks. I kept walking for 30~40mins everyday during the pregnancy. I kept cooking and cleaning until my parents arrived. I am so appreciated for what I have. My little miracle must be a really thoughtful baby.

Very excited and look forward to meeting our baby very soon!


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