I love you Philip Morris, a movie

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Have you seen Catch Me If You Can, the movie costarred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks? Well, I would like to name I Love You Philip Morris as Catch Me As You Can (Oh, By the Way, I’m Gay). 

Both are movies about capers. Leonardo plays a teenage who sees that his father go bankruptcy and his mother run with another man. He starts to learn to live on his own and soon finds himself a genius to make money by faking payroll checks and identities. He becomes rich but feels lonely. Tom is the guy woking at CIA or FBI who tracks Leo desperately and frustratedly for years without catching him. And imagine what happens at last. You won’t believe it.

Jim Carrey plays a man who has a car accident which encourage him to end his marriage with his wife and come out of the closet as a gay. And he  finds himself also a genius as a fraud. It seems he could do everything he wants to and make tons of money. But unfortunately he gets caught every time. Well, don’t worry about it, cause he’ll find a way to get out of the prison, anyway.  A very funny movie. Performances are fantastic.

And believe it or not, both movies are based on true stories!

Live to Tell, a novel.

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Written by Lisa Gardner, one of the D. D. Warren detective saga. Basically, it’s a thrilling suspense which talks about the children with mental illness, or like she put it at the end of the book, children being expelled for violence.

Sometimes when you really think about it, you may feel sad that we know so little about how our brains work and what to do if they don’t work as the way we expected. I have known people with mental problems. There are moments that I feel they are crazy and hard to get along with. I am afraid that something I commonly say or do will trigger their explosion; or I may step into a bomb zone that I didn’t know. The family seems like to keep the problem a secret. They hardly talk about it like it’s a shame. Yeah, I know, that’s how most of us feel about mental illness: a shame to talk about or to have.

But do you feel sorry for those people? I know every one is different. But I think for some people, things possibly could turn out in a totally different way. If they didn’t have to face the trauma they did in the past, maybe they still act as normally as they used to. Some trauma could be and should be avoided while I admit that maybe some couldn’t. I wonder if the tragedy didn’t happen, will they have a better quality of life? Or things are just not right in the head, so they will go crazy anyway sometime even there was no trauma?

A bitter feel to think about this problem.

And a good book to bring public attention to it, although the book itself didn’t attract my attention at first. A little bit hard for me to read, maybe, and it goes quite slow at the first several chapters, because there are three different characters with three different story lines which don’t intersect one another until later.

And again, do all american people or at least writers believe or like the paranormal thing? Why these things keep popping out of almost every novel I read? Come on, you don’t need these things to have drama. Be creative, writers!

How Do You Know, a movie

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How do you know you are in love with someone? Or if you may excuse me, what is love?

Is love just some kind of sexual attraction? You see someone, you find someone attractive, you hormon starts to react, you get excited, your heart beats faster, you blush, you get nervous, then you tell yourself you have a crush on someone. You work your way out, make someone love you back, then announce that you are a happy couple bathing in the river of love. So I would say love is or at least comes from sexual attraction.  If not, why they often say that love is irrational, unmeasurable? Why they’d say that you can’t analyze love like you are solving a math problem?

Do we really love anyone more than ourselves? I doubt it. If we do, then why would we often try so hard to change someone in the way we like it rather than they like it?  If they like jeans and t-shirts better than suits, why would we want them wear suits sometimes? If they are more comfortable not to talk much, why would we want them to be more talkative, more sociable? If they have the only hobby of playing video games, why would we hate it if we really love them? We couldn’t even let the kids be themselves. We are happy only when they match our expectations. Everything we meet with in our marriage may be the first time, but we all grew up from a little kid. We ourselves should know what the kid’s life or thoughts would be like. But why would we get so disappointed or angry if the kid does something wrong or fails one crap exam? Something happens and the kid is gonna get through it. why could we just provide some productive advice and help and comfort, why do we have to yell at them? Why would you want the kid to do something or be someone you wanted to do or be but never got the chance to do or be? Do you ever ask them if they’d like to?

Love should let your loved ones be comfortable with who they are, what they do. Love should make them feel confident to be themselves. You shouldn’t change someone in the name of love into another person you like but they don’t.

Love brings out the best in someone. Love does not create another best person that wasn’t there.

the Conviction, a movie

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This movie is based on a true story, which is hard to believe. It’s something you would think that it’s only gonna happen in a movie or a drama TV series or a novel or every kind of that literature creation but a real life. Give up almost everything, husband, marriage, kids, study in a college at a quite old age trying to get a degree in order to apply a law school,  then study harder at law school and get to be a lawyer, all the efforts of 18 years are made to try to free a brother who was imprisoned to life because of murder.

Perhaps you’d say that many people could do that to their family, to their beloved ones; you might say, yes, there are misery, struggle, sadness, heartbreaking moments, but people get through these things, it’s no big deal, this is life. But I wonder if we all have the strong faith in our beloved ones. Have you once doubted that your spouse didn’t love you as much as before even they said they did? Have you suspected your kids were lying even they swore what others told you about them were not true? Have you once wonder that your parents loved your siblings more than loved you? If you have, then how could you keep the faith in your heart that your brother is innocent when every evidence and proof indicated that he murdered someone? Could you still believe his innocence when he was sentenced guilty of murder? How could you know he is not lying to you? When you were ruining your life for him, would you ever ask yourself if it’s worth it? What if he did it? Besides, what if you become a lawyer but still can’t find a way to help him? What if you can’t help to free him in your whole life? Then what’s the meaning of these sacrifices? Would you regret?

The woman is very tough. Who ever could suffer but manage to beat it is tough. Not only tough, but determined, faithful, courageous. Most important of all, they have the ability of love.

By the way, Hilary Swank may be not the most beautiful woman in the world, but she is absolutely one of the best actress. She shines in this movie. She portraits this very woman, who gives whatever it takes to love and help her brother.

And I wanna say that no wonder Hilary has won the Academy Award, twice.